Weddings. Weddings. Weddings.

Very few things rival a wedding.  The emotion, the beauty, the metaphor, the collective gathering of people.

It’s an overwhelming day filled with overwhelming details doused in overwhelming joy.

The dress, the suite, the cake, the guest book, the bridal party, the families, the dj, the ceremony, the etc….

And of course you and your best friend.  The one walking the isle to meet you or waiting at the alter for you.

All of these magically mix to make the most memorable day of your life.

All of these I want to catch on camera so you can show your kids kids how great it was.

If you’d interested in me shooting your wedding, I’d love for us to have a conversation.

I’d love to sit down with you over coffee and talk through the details and the day.

I’d love for you to walk away feeling at peace (at least about this one thing).

Please message me if you have any questions or a request.  Thanks.

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