Levi and Mattea // Wedding

When your friends get married it’s a joy to tag along and capture moments, smiles, laughs…

And these two had lots of all of that.

Thing about Levi and Mattea is they not only really love each other, they really like each other.

Mattea laughs at Levi and Levi adores Mattea.  They are fun to be around.  Because love is fun to be around.

Good luck finding people more in love than Levi and Mattea.

May your future be as beautiful as you two were on your wedding day!

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The Festival of Lentils

We weren’t at the Lentil Festival very long.  But I took a few shots none the less.

The Runaway Symphony boys, classy and awesome, as usual.

Amy and Tannis seeing each other for the first time in forever…

All three of the following were worth posting.

Is anyone cooler than Shell?

Then there was lots of Jane.

Cutest kid ever?

Then we got food.

Then we went to the Nuart and interviewed Brynn.

Then I went home.  The end.

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