Wieser Family

This is the Wieser family.

If you go to Resonate, it’s because of these two.

They give recklessly to our church, leading, praying, living the Gospel.

Raising three kids, starting churches, changing the world… all in a day’s work.

It’s a joy to serve along side Keith and Paige and it was a joy to follow their family around shooting photos.


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Eric and Erin // Wedding

My closest friend (*who’s a girl and not my wife) got married.  To a legit man named Eric.

I was honored to perform a portion of the ceremony.  I barely made it through.

Weddings are so emotional.  In a good way of course.

But every moment I wasn’t doing that, I was taking pictures.

It’s my joy to document their weekend, and it’s even more of a joy to do life with these two.

Eric and Erin, you guys are a dangerous couple.  A powerful prayer-filled couple.

Looking forward to years and years more of times like this!

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